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London Calling…

London calling to the faraway towns, Now that war is declared-and battle come down I’m sure you’ve heard the news, I’ve left Wolfstar and moved to London to join uber-advertising agency VCCP to help launch VCCP Share. I’ve been a part of Wolfstar since 2008 and I’ve been incredibly fortunate to launch Wolfstar Labs, work [...]

Using mobile numbers as URIs

So, a couple of weeks ago I invented Convergence Culture. Then I invented URI’s. Then I thought I invented the concept of propagation planning. It turned out that all three of these ideas had been invented by other folk before me. So instead of sulking (although I did sulk for a little while) I decided [...]

Google knows EVERYTHING about you

Google knows all about you. Yeah right, you know this, but do you know how much? It knows how many times you\’92ve been rick-rolled (YouTube), it knows that you have an unhealthy obsession with Gogol (Google Books), that you spend your working day flicking between 4Chan and textsfromlastnight (Chrome) and that you don’t read any [...]

A defence of liberty

I am a libertarian. There. I said it. Now we all know. So why the attention-seeking blog post? Well. It appears that not everyone is a big fan of my new found political leaning. Most of my friends and colleagues are Labour or Tory. I am neither. As both are (almost) identical (in my eyes) [...]

Rock Star on the Radio

Some of you may not know this, but I (yes, Jed the non-rock star) used to be on the old wireless. It’s a pretty short story, basically what happened was that I did a few shows then I got booted out for playing Iggy Pop – Raw Power at 6:30pm to a prime time audience. [...]