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Google knows EVERYTHING about you

Google knows all about you. Yeah right, you know this, but do you know how much? It knows how many times you\’92ve been rick-rolled (YouTube), it knows that you have an unhealthy obsession with Gogol (Google Books), that you spend your working day flicking between 4Chan and textsfromlastnight (Chrome) and that you don’t read any [...]

The psychology of your online persona

I’ve just started reading the FutureLab blog and came across this amazing guest post from Laszlo Kövari called the emergence of identities. The post basically describes three states of identity; Potentially Virtually Actually What struck me as interesting was the way that an identity develops from one to the next, as someone pushes themselves forwards and further [...]

Oops. Reading list

So, a few days ago I promised that I’d post a list of stuff I was reading every Tuesday. It’s now Wednesday and I haven’t posted a list. Good work Jed, really top draw. So, without further ado;

Digital Love: Analog Relationships

I attended the excellent NMK online PR debate last night and came away with plenty to think about. Other than the Q&A session at which point those posing questions became either; a) guarded or b) salesy (it must’ve felt like a shark tank for the one client that attended), the debate covered a lot of [...]

Five Things that Traditional PR can Learn from Online PR

The last few days has seen some of you crazy animals talking about public relations and journalism. Charles Arthur re-stoked the fires a few days back when he suggested that public relations professionals treat journalists like car companies treat suppliers, Wadds and David Phillip both spoke about improving the reputation of the industry by regulation [...]