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Goodbye, farewell, but not for very long!

Hello. \ If you read Becca’s blog or my Twitter feed you’ll have realised by now that we’re going on holiday. \ It’s our first holiday since September 2009 so we’re understandably quite excited. By quite excited, we packed our suitcases last Friday. We don’t fly until Wednesday. Excited is an understatement. \ So we’ll [...]

My online presence

I’ve always been a big believer in having individual communities for individual interests, yet I’ve always maintained quite a homogenous collection of networks. In fact ask any of my Wolfstar employees and any one of them could name a time when I stood up and declared “I only have my own self, split across multiple [...]

The perfect sunset, for the perfect weekend

So this weekend was perfect. In the truest sense of the word. Here’s why… Friday – an evening in with Becca Caddy and Lost (we were catching up before the finale on Monday at 5am). Saturday – I woke up (naturally) at 5am, attacked a PowerPoint, made it bleed. Had breakfast with Becca on the [...]

Things that make me smile

Inspired by Ged and Will, I’ve decided to write a ‘stuff wot makes me smile’ post. I wanted to do this last week, but I was in no mood nor frame of mind for it #miserablebastard. 1. Waking up in the morning and listening to Led Zeppelin or the Rolling Stones 2. Waking up and [...]

Runaway weekend

I’m beginning to become a fan of photo and video. Video because it’s fun to watch Paul make a fool of himself making elephants out of balloons and because it’s fun to make Becca feel silly. Photo because I really like the idea of sharing where I’ve been so that maybe you might go too. [...]