My Blog Audit

by Jed

In light of my decision to inject personality, I thought I’d highlight a few of the things that don’t really show me for who I am…

Lets start at the beginning (it’s a very good place to start – no, I’m not a sound of music fan, but girlfriend/lodger is!!).

  • It’s called Rock Star PR. This is because I could never be a rock star, and I work in PR. Never be a rock star pr is too long for SEO purposes. Although, I do like singstar and drinking. Hmmm. I could be a rock star.
  • The little description box: I do rant and ramble, but you wont have seen that yet because I think I unconsciously toned it down. You. Just. Wait.
  • Three songs to listen to: I listen to all those songs, and try and showcase my favourites of the moment. If you like those, you might like my or favtape selections. I’m like amazon but for cool people.
  • Three things I’m doing: According to twitter, about 20% of you arrive from there so you know why this is here. For those that don’t, I like Twitter. Typical tweet: ‘People should have brake lights so that I know when they’re going to emergency stop in the street’.
  • Three things I’m reading: I read lots. This displays my favourites.
  • In the next few boxes I’ve most certainly overused the word ‘rant’.
  • About Me: all of this is true. It is however, subject to a fancy rewrite soon. To keep it fresh and all that.
  • More About Me: not narcissism, honestly. I just like to make lists. Maybe I’ll rename it to ‘Lists’.
  • Social Policy: I saw some cool American kid do this and thought I wanted one. So I got one. It’s all true. Apart from the PR approaches bit; no PR person has ever approached me!!! (FYI, logic; I thought, bang that up there and wait for the PR approached to roll in. I’m still waiting.)

So now you know. I feel like we’re best friends already. Will you be my best man/wife (delete as appropriate).