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‘Millennials’ is a useless term

Like most of my posts, this is a hypothesis for something I’ve been thinking about for ages. By publishing it, I hope people will challenge or back up the hypothesis, and I can get smarter. I also covered some of this in a previous post, but wanted to expand on it a little more.  A few […]

The fallacy of brand fame and ‘the big idea’

Before I begin, I’ve been wrestling with this idea for almost my entire career. I’m still not sure I have it clear, but see what you think.  Every agency loves the concept of ‘the big idea’. It feels like the original Pokemon Go. Planners, suits, and creatives all hunting it down, with sketch pads and PowerPoint […]

AI and the media agency

This is long, so apologies in advance, but I think it’s important. The advertising and media world has once again been set alight by new technology. This time, it’s artificial intelligence (AI). Campaign’s Gideon Spanier wrote last week that “Media agencies should be in fear of automation”, and Blackwood Seven (a widely tipped “AI SaaS media […]

Your refrigerator is going to get me fired

There was news this week that a gentlemen in the UK had spent eleven hours trying to make a cup of tea via his newly purchase wifi-enabled kettle. For those of you who don’t appreciate the virtues of tea, that is ten hours and 58 minutes too long. The man in question had purchased the […]

Media: make it simple, stupid

You’ve all been sat in the room with the strategy guy. The one who’s presenting some charts on the ‘next big thing’, and a few charts in you see the chart. ‘The’ chart. You know the one; the one that shows how complicated marketing has become. TheLumaScape chart. As you read this, somewhere in the […]