Jed Hallam

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The Future of the Media Agency

Tom Denford (co-founder of ID Comms) has published an interesting piece over on Campaign. It’s most definitely worth a full read, but for the short of time, Denford’s article is a call to arms for the leadership teams at media agencies. He believes that we’re staring into the face of five years of upheaval and change. I don’t think […]

Media: make it simple, stupid

You’ve all been sat in the room with the strategy guy. The one who’s presenting some charts on the ‘next big thing’, and a few charts in you see the chart. ‘The’ chart. You know the one; the one that shows how complicated marketing has become. TheLumaScape chart. As you read this, somewhere in the […]

Finding purpose and satisfaction in media

How many times a day do you ask how someone is, and they respond with ‘God, I’m so busy!’. Everyone is busy. Emails to reply to, calls to make, reports to write. But I think it’s a fallacy. Instead of actually being busy, we’ve become obsessed with the idea of being busy. I’m sure that some […]