I am Jed.

No, it isn’t short for anything.

This blog has been kicking around for a while. It’s a bit like a pair of beaten up Nikes; often mistreated, sometimes ignored, but I always put them on when I’m doing some serious thinking. Maybe that analogy doesn’t work. No, definitely doesn’t.

I’m a managing partner and head of strategy at Mindshare, which means I’m paid to make complicated things more simple, and help provide businesses with a point of view on which direction they should head in. If I’m being more candid, that actually means I’m usually just the best guesser in the room.

Previous to working at Mindshare, I worked at a creative agency (VCCP), and previous to that I helped set up one of the first social media agencies in the UK (Wolfstar). I wrote a few books too, but it would be boring of me to wang on about those, so I won’t.

Given my job is all about problem solving and thinking, I think it’s good to exercise and stretch my brain a bit, so that’s what I try to do here (which is a decent caveat for explaining the quality and topics of some of the content). This blog covers bits of ideas, my current reading list, a collection of records I’m listening to (in mixtape format, and recorded live, so be forgiving), and this, a page about me (I know, very narcissistic).

To come back to the name thing: my dad wanted to call me Zed, in tribute to Led Zeppelin, but my mum argued him down to Jed. Needless to say I’m now a massive Led Zeppelin fan, but it would be terrible for my search engine ranking to change my name this late in the game.

Shorter biography: I get paid to think about stuff, I’m shorter than you’d expect, and I’m almost always dressed in black.

If you’re here for something a bit (well, a lot) more professional, try here.